WWE is a timepass and great Entertainer!!

May 1, 2009 10:56pm CST
WWe is one t.v. program I avoided seeing when I was a child as I thought it was not entertainment and just plain fighting. But as I grew up, I found friends who used to chat about it only. So finally I gave in and saw it few times and I immediately got fond of watching it. But my only regret is that I started watching it late as I missed watching the likes of The Rock & Stone Cold Steve Austin and also The Hitman in action!!
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@jakeb1 (562)
• United States
11 May 09
Like other people said WWE is like a TV Soap for any people and for any age. It is great entertainment and I try to watch it when I can. I used to watch it more in the old days when it was better but it is still entertaining now.
@sanuanu (11238)
• India
2 May 09
It is like a TV soap. I don't think that any of fights are real. If you give a close look to The Undertaker's finishing move, you can see that the person he is holding upside down, don't do anything to get rid of the hold and bends his head in a way that he will not get a contact to the floor! So, in this way, he hardly gets a shot on his head, how can he be so faint that he can't respond to a three count. Same with Tripple H's finishing move, he also hardly hits his opponent with his finishing move! So, it is all about attracting audiences by creating drama, this show runs because they run some really good story lines, which we see in TV soaps. Everything which happens, has a script written for it. Otherwise, how is possible that one couple would be having a bath on TV without clothe and that too in WWE entertainment. but having said that, I am a big fan of WWE!