what is the difference between cruels and animals?

May 1, 2009 11:51pm CST
so many people behave cruelly like animals toward others.can u make any difference between them and animals?
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@JDM280 (17)
• Mauritius
3 May 09
Man cannot literally be compared to animals. What man have in excess is a higher level of consciousness. We can differentiate between what is good and what is bad. Our thoughts and our actions are based on our 'ego and super ego' At any point in time we have the choice and we normally choose what is good for us which may have an adverse effect or causing harm to others. On the other hand animals act on their instinct and in my opinion they can't be wrong. they may kill for their survival and in many cases it has been found that all animals act in balancing the echo system where they live. Animals are not cruel and i know also that animals can actually help people in danger. People who are being tagged as behaving like animal simply means that they don't have the especial thing which human have, i.e the ability to be human.