unforgettable memories of my dog

May 2, 2009 5:00am CST
i had a dog when i was in the 2nd year of being a college student. ever since i like to have pets especially having a dog. For me having one kinda feels good not to mention whenever im stressed they make me feel relieve of tension and stress. i hav two boxer dogs, the brown one is pure breed while other one is not. i get close to the brown boxer dog (not that im discriminating the other dog) because i was the one who took the risk of raising it when it was still a puppy. we shared a lot of memories because whenever i sleep this dog will eventually follow me to bed and sleep beside me. i feel i have a connection with this dog. every morning we played and i dont care if i will be late for school. not seeing my brown boxer dog will break my heart. this dog is the reason why i stop going out at night to party because i want to give all my time to him. from the food that i will eat he will also eat. we took a bath together. this dog was like a brother to me already until such time that God take him away from me. even now while im writing and sharing this story, im crying in front of the monitor coz i really misas my dog. it really hurts just to remember his memories. i feels like half of my life has been taken away. i dont know what happen, i was playing with my dog and in the afternoon of that day he started to shiver and i dont know what triggers it. after that incident my dog stop eating, he wont even drink water and his shivering continues. i know its my fault because i didnt even consult a vet about the condition of my dog until such time that i have decided to bring him to a pet clinic, when i went home he was already dead. God it hurts so much until now knowing that i wasnt by his side to stay until the last breath of his life. i can still remember the look of his face especially his eyed when he was sick, it feels his crying out for help and i know his sad...i can feel it...hes sad that our bond together will end. even though his not here on earth anymore i will always relieve his memory and i hope he will watch over me in heaven even if he is only a dog....i know he too has a good soul.
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@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
3 May 09
I still remember my rough collie simba he was a wonderful companion he was my shadow and used to follow me everywhere. I have numerous episodes that I still remember. Dogs are good companions. He used to wait for me when I return from work
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• Philippines
3 May 09
that was so touching. same as with my boxer dog before but what can i do he's in heaven right now watching over me.