Using mineral water during travels is good

@cudamani (998)
May 2, 2009 12:10pm CST
Always try to carry mineral water with you or but one during travels. Normally water that is served in trains or that which is available in railways stations may be contaminated. Therefore it is advisible to buy mineral water during travels. Or carry three to four bottles with you.
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@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
4 May 09
It is possible to drink tap water in some countries but it is unwise in some countries. So buying bottled water is a possibility or water can be treated to make it safe to drink. I always like to bring bottles of water with me on train, bus and ferry trips. It is annoying that security at airports won't let water bottles come though. I sometimes pack a bottle of water in my checked in luggage to have when I arrive. I buy expensive bottles of water in the shops the other side of security.
@sweety_81 (2129)
• India
4 May 09
Yes, Using Mineral Water during travel ;especially by carrying Mineral water bottle alongwith oneself is a good means of having a safe water to drink while travelling . However , it is equally important to check whether the mineral water that we use should be of good quality and not of a spurious quality . Regards
@fwangaa (3058)
• China
4 May 09
i will drink a lot of water in train. from your post i know that not healthy. so i must take my own water to train. thanks a lot.