There are never enough tasks available

South Africa
May 2, 2009 12:59pm CST
Is it just me or is there a shortage of tasks that we can take part in this is about the ninth day that i haven't see any available tasks that i can partake in. Do you think that mylot should advertise the tasks to other websites or something so that there are more tasks available to use so that there is never a shortage of them?
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@eltobh (231)
• Indonesia
2 May 09
yes, it is always not enough tasks to take. However, I saw 3 tasks yesterday, and the thing is i took two of them, and forgot to finish it, since the tasks usually available in midnight (my country time zone), so usually i forgot to finish it until the next morning, and also forgot to forfeit it, which made my task statistic of 100% rate for the abandoned tasks :(
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@nokimchen (253)
• India
5 May 09
I get tasks every single day! Generally the task are of $2. Sometimes they are of even $4. And sometimes i can be only $0.1....It all depends on you luck. Though i get many task yet i don't do them 'cos they are too tough! They are all about writing and they topic they give are such that i have NEVER heard about the topic!!!! I wish there will be some task available which i too can write. I know getting paid $2 for just writing 4 paragraph with 3 sentences each is not bad! But the topic is too tough! And i don't wanna fake by searching the topic in Wikipedia just to fake a few likes! i don't wanna do that! That's why i left almost all the task :( Now, I'm gonna check some task and see whether i can write or not. If i can then I'll do it :)
@boogerman (1548)
• Philippines
3 May 09
Hi, careliscool! Well, as others said, "early birds catches the worm". Tasks are easily gone because they are all taken early in the morning. A week ago, 5am, I found 4 research tasks, two of them had only one slot each. I got two on it. At 7am, no more tasks are available. Yesterday morning, there were many tasks on the writing type. I only got one because I find difficulty on writing 4 paragraphs about the keyword. So you should always check out if there are tasks available. Happy mylotting...=)