lady gaga what do you think?

United States
May 2, 2009 8:41pm CST
I want to see what other people here at mylot feel about her in terms of a singer and her style? Do you like it? Well here I will share a little about what I like about her, I think her style is different from anyone else that is on the scene at the moment which to me is a big plus. I love a lot of her songs as well, I think she is trying to mix a little of everything into her songs. So what do you think about Lady GaGa? Let me know thanks
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@Rainegurl (2158)
• Philippines
3 May 09
I think, as a performer, Lady Gaga is amazing. She can do those unique dance moves without if affecting her voice. I could just imaging the preparation she and her dancers have to do before performing live. I am not really fond of dance music but I have great respect for Lady Gaga. Have a nice day!
• United States
4 May 09
I agree I feel she has a great voice and I think that she is getting really big in the music sence. I have not seen her live in person but I would like to at some point and see if she is as good as she is on a music video take care and thanks for taking part in my discussion.
3 May 09
Hi montry, Well sorry, to me I agree gaga all right, I really don't like it at all, it is just too noisey, I like groups like Westlife, but that is not my taste, its noise. Tamara
• United States
4 May 09
Well you are entitled to your thoughts about her, I was trying to get a conversation going about her, I am not upset if you are not into her music everyone has different tastes, take care and thanks for taking part in my discussion as well. Happy mylotting to you too.
@Asthazar (103)
• Romania
19 May 10
Gaga's weird, that's for sure. :P I rather enjoy her singing and choreography, but I just don't like the way she looks. :P Don't get me wrong, body-wise she looks great, it's her face expression I'm not really keen on. Other than that, I can't wait to hear some more stuff from her. :P