Donating To An Organization or Straight to One in Need?

May 2, 2009 10:03pm CST
Would you rather give to a large organization in hopes it will reach someone in need or if you had something you didn't need and knew of someone who could use it which would you do? I have noticed a disconnect with organizations these days when it comes to getting something and then giving it to someone who needs it. Take for example if you had some baby items you did not need like a crib or other baby items that were all in good condition and well within the date range to still be used. Lets say a friend from down the street told you of a young soon to be mother who did not have a lot of needed items. would you give your stuff to the young mother either directly or through someone they trusted? Or would you rather just give your things to an organization that could pass the stuff on to her? Most places that assist with getting things for people in need mainly ask for money and tend to not donate things like a used car seat or a crib, there always seems to be doubt that you broke it somehow and it just wouldn't be safe. It could be brand new just out of the package and they would still turn it away. Why would you buy a homeless man food so he wouldn't buy booze with any money you gave him,but then give money to the organization if you weren't sure if that new mother down the street would get that good crib you don't need anymore? That would be silly. Why can you donate clothes or money but you can't donate a crib, car seat, bassinet, or stroller that are still in good condition? Most cribs have a made on date so there are no worries about when it was made, and if you get in an accident and your child's car seat was damaged I am sure you would not be cheap enough to not buy a new one. A stroller is easy enough to look over for structural damage, as is a bassinet. I truly believe that if you see someone in need of something and you don't need yours then you should find a way to give it to them. They don't need the money to buy it, if you don't need yours and its in good condition and its in it's prime date range to be used don't waste your money, pass your item on.
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