What is Ufo and Alien

May 2, 2009 11:46pm CST
hello friend there who know about Alien and UFO
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@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
14 Apr 13
Hi! 2 wonderful subjects, love reading about them. UFO is an undentified flying object while alien is an extraterrestrial being, a life form not of this Earth, that came from outside. An entity that for example was born so close in the moon but nevertheless outside Earth would be an alien.
• Indonesia
25 Mar 13
UFO, is stands for Unidentified Flying Object, so any objects we discovered but we can't identified it yet, classified as UFO, it doesn't always means, alien spaceship! Alien is a term that used for discribed anything that still unknown to us, it can be a creatures, life form or even an environtment.
@natliegleb (5184)
• India
8 Mar 13
Alien is one extra creature unlike humans with extra terrestrial powers which travel on the ufo ship to our earth
@ebook_freak (1515)
• India
3 May 09
UFO is the abbreviation of Unidentified Flying Object. Alien is another term which we use for 'weird foreigner'. In the context of UFO, they are beings that are believed to inhabit various places of universe man has not ventured yet. UFO and Alien has been one of the mind boggling questions of humanity. There are numerous cases of UFO sightings and there is a lot of study going on in this field. Regards, AJ
@cicisnana (776)
• United States
3 May 09
Well UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object, alien is a term we use in the United States for someone from a different land. Rather that land be from outer space or just another country. I hope this answered your question.