Some questions to ask regarding myLot

@aikhong (662)
May 3, 2009 8:23am CST
Hi all, i've just come across and get to know this site recently and this is the 3rd day i joined myLot. I've been seeing much discussions here on various topics. It seems to be a very interesting place for discussion and to get more knowledge on various topics. However, i do have some doubt that i'd like ask here. Hope you guys can help to make me clear, thanks in advance. People said myLot really pay for us, but how's the rate? 0.01 per posting?and for how long it will take to update? everyday? i've started with 0.01, but somehow after posting for 30+ comments and discussions, it still remain the same.Can somemone tell me what's happening?or is it i just have to wait for it to update later?
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@arkasen (748)
• India
3 May 09
First of all welcome to mylot. The exact amount of money which you can earn for doing some thing is not disclosed by mylot. So you will never know that how much you are getting for some activity. The amount of money you can earn depends upon the quality of the reply or discussion that you have started. Another thing is that your earnings will be updated after 24 hours. That means today you can see your yesterday's earning. Remember that you will not see the effect of replies on earning instantaneously. The hole idea is you enjoy the site and take part in it actively and your earnings will follow you. There are lots of option available here for earning apart from discussion and replying. For example picture upload and task. For more details please see the link.
@aikhong (662)
• Malaysia
3 May 09
Thanks for answering and clearing my doubt. Would get to know more as days goes on. Found that this is quite a great place to go for discussions and feedbacks.