Single and Unattached

May 3, 2009 8:48am CST
Why are single women pressured on getting into a relationship? Sometimes, even if one does not actually mind being alone other people think that they are not happy, that they must be missing on something. But what if some single women feel otherwise? What if they intend to lead a solitary life? Why force them into something they never wished to get into? When a single unattached woman is surrounded with couples, she is usually thrown that "pity look" and words like "Don't worry, the right guy will come along", which elevates discouragement even more rather than raise self esteem. Being single and unattached does not necessarily mean being unhappy and unlucky. There are a lot of positive things you get out of being so. So, don't be swayed of getting into a relationship in a rush. Just take your time...
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