a moment to remember

May 3, 2009 8:54am CST
ive just got home from my cousins place. its located at the southen part of our city. part of our mountaneous side. its kind of far but im happy that we've gone their to the celebrate of their town fiesta(a catholic celebration) and to again see with our other cousins who live so far from us... when i went home with my other cousin., its like im going to vomit... and afraid because of the rigid road we have to pass through.. its like we are rocking all the way thru home.. felt like im on a boat on a sea with huge waves rocking up our vehicle... im so afraid and my body is aching because of stress and from putting all my strength on holding on thru that vehicle. im always praying and hoping the we could make it safe and sound.. and we arrive home... i thank God for another life... a life worth living because a worng turn with that vehicle would mean the end of us all... thank God for everything. life is really so short so we must have to cherish and love it all the time...
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