i love the hot spring!!!!!so confortable!have you ever been there?

May 3, 2009 9:13am CST
i`ve been a famous hot spring with my friends today,and we absolutely got a wonderful day;)for a long time,i`ve never been there before even though i want to play.so this time,i`ve got so satisfaction. though the water here is a little bit hot,but we can handle that.but with the sunshine became more close ,the temperature under the water became more hot,and some of pools we can`t try to put ourselves in.but the whole time in the water park was so good and the waiters here were all kind to us. andddddd my skin became so white and clean,just like the milk!that`s really surpried me !i never dreamed of that before,lol............ if there is enough time and money,i`d go there another time!!
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