are there still drive in thatres around you

May 3, 2009 9:14am CST
if there were weould you go. i miss the drive in. there was still one close by about 10 years ago. i loved going there. especially with a bunch of friends and putting blankets on the ground and sitting outside of the car. anyway i'd love to go again
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• United States
3 May 09
Hi poppoppop....yes we do as a matter of fact we have 2 that are pretty close by. the one that is the closest has a double feature on Saturday night for the family to go to and get popcorn and put your blankets down and watch the movie with your family. The other one that is a little farther away has more of the new release movies and on one nignght they have adult movies if you so desire to go and watch them. I too love to go and take the grandchildren and let them see what I use to do when I was grow up. Have a great day and thanks for bringing up such a nice memory that is slowly becoming extinct. flutterby
@DanBen (346)
• India
3 May 09
We never had the privilege of a drive in theater, where you could cosy up besides your loved ones and enjoy the 'magical moments' of the big screen, while the cars are neatly parked behind. Man!!.. I wish we had that kinda facility here in India. We here believe in multiplexes and IMAX theaters. Gone are the days where you could go watch a movie for less than a hundred rupees. Now we have to shell out a days wages to watch a decent flick. And with everyone into Hidef TV sets,multimedia PC's and home theaters, can mimic that drive in feeling to a certain extent.
@taface412 (3176)
• United States
3 May 09
I know there is one in Reo, In not far from me. And there might be one in the state of Kentucky, but if there is it's not near me.
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