baby baptism or dedication

May 3, 2009 11:49am CST
hi all! how old was your baby when you held her baptism or dedication, whichever you call it.??? as for us, we will be holding it on may 16, when baby is 2 months and a week old. nothing significant about the age actually, we just time it that our siblings are here to attend the event. this is very important for us because this is our first baby and we would like our family to be able to bless our child. it will just be a simple get together of family and some friends and our godparents during our wedding. i wanted it to be a blessed time for my family and our daughter. how about you? how did you celebrate the event? take care all and God bless you! happy mylotting! :D
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@hoghoney (3749)
• United States
4 May 09
Congrats to you and your family...but for me I had all three of my kids dedicated. I did it that way so that when they get older and choose what faith they want to be then they can be baptised or what ever in that faith. Enjoy and again congrats.
• United States
4 May 09
My eldest son is three, and my youngest will be about, maybe not even two weeks old. I live in TN, and here it is a big deal to let the child choose to be baptised or not. I never felt comfortable with any of the churches here. Being from NY, I had a church there that I was completely comfortable with, I basically grew up there. My boyfriend and I had spend 3 years debating back on forth on the subject. I am luthern, and he is methodist. Needless to say we have had our arguments back and forth. I want the kids baptised Luthern, and he wanted them to wait like he did. After four years I have proven my points and both of my kids will be baptised in my church (we are driving to NY) August 16th. The baby is due August 9th, but hopefully everything will work out. As of right now we are combining the baptismal party, and My grandmothers surprise 60th birthday party (it is so far a perfect cover-up) For me right now though I am having trouble choosing god parents. Should the god parents for both of my children be the same? Should I get my god parents a present? I am not sure about all these things, any suggestions.
@gracie04 (4554)
• Philippines
3 May 09
My first nephew was baptized when he was less than a month old, two weeks old to be exact.. Dad came home for a 10 day visit so he made sure to have the baptism of his first grandson while he is still here in the Philippines.. Dad promised my brother to pay for all the expenses and that includes: Venue, food and baptism giveaways while i paid for the 50 pieces invitation of my adorable nephew.. The venue was held at Max's Restaurant.. A lot of people came to celebrate with us.. My nephew received a lot of presents from the family, relatives(mom's side of the family), godparents and people from our community..