Gross Facts

United States
May 4, 2009 12:18am CST
Here are some Gross facts you might want to know or not know enjoy!! Gross Fact #1 Your mouth is the most unsanitary part of your whole body. More than 100 million micro creatures live in there at one time. Gross Fact #2 The human body swallows about one quarter of snot everyday Gross Fact #3 Thomas crapper was an englishman who invented the shut off for clean water entering the toliet tank in the 1800's. The word crap comes from crapper. Gross Fact #4 About 10 billion tiny scales of skin rub off on your body everyday. In a lifetime you could have 8 50lb bas of dead skin. Gross Fact # 5 Most people pass gas 14 times a day Gross Fact #6 50% of women and 90% of men donot was there hands after going to the bathroom uless someone is watching them. Gross Fact #7 In a humans lifetime a human will produce enough spit to fill a swimming pool Gross Fact #8 The romans used to use crushed mouse brains for toothpaste Gross Fact #9 Each human will have eaten 14 insects in there sleep in a lifetime Gross Fact #10 Peanut butter typically can contain up too 150 bug fragments and 5 rodent hairs Gross Fact #11 House Flies go the bathroom every 4.5 minutes Goss Fact # 12 If you go swimming in a public pool for 1 hour you will intake 1 1/2 liters of pee I would like to hear your comments on this subject I hope you have learned something
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