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@sonusd (1548)
May 4, 2009 1:39am CST
Hello friends can any body tell me how to be honest to our lover? Because I have seen so many peopel who are already haveing wifes or girl friends still they do extra affairs? so what may be the reason behind it? Is it they get neglected from their parents or it depends upon the character of that person?
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• United States
4 May 09
I have seen many of this too. No matter what walk of life they come from, it seems to be a character flaw of their own..The need for extra attention...there is counseling for this or attending church seems to strengthen the moral character of a person..You can only blame other just sooooooooo long...when a person is an adult,they are suppose to make wise choices and be their own! person...
@ajzone (201)
• India
4 May 09
the main reason is having affair outside is that they dont get wad they want from thier wife/gf...and allll