Do you always search for your bed to sleep?

@med889 (5958)
May 4, 2009 1:56am CST
Have you ever feel so tired that you prefer to sleep on the sofa or on the couch instead of walking to your room and make your bed and sleep on it? So do you always need your bed to get a good sleep?
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• India
4 May 09
well i haven't felt like that before, i mean to say is that im not that lazy kind of person, i can do things even if u wake me in mid sleep.well but for me its not like i need a special place for sleeping, when im asleep i can even sleep on floor. but generally i go to my bed for sleeping.
@flagella08 (5069)
• Philippines
4 May 09
sleep - or rest?
i also experienced that. i slept at the sofa. i was so tired to go to my room that time.i haven't eat either. i just fall asleep and out of the real world. LOL. i can sleep wherever i am.even im just in a chair as long as I feel the sleep, i can't fight with it really, even in the church, my goodness.
@Informer (803)
• India
4 May 09
HI Again, When I feel tired I never search for bed, the place where drop my self, I can sleep there. It is not necessary to have bed when you are tired..
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
4 May 09
In summer on hot nights I sometimes sleep on the couch because I can open the back door wide as I have a security door so the cool breeze can come in, then I have two beds and sometimes if I can't sleep in one I tend to semi sleep walk to the other...