Online money making or work in a company?

May 4, 2009 2:51am CST
Hi guys. I'm still new in the PTC stuff and online money making. Right now, I am earning P12,000 or $266 in a month on a company. I'm planning to just stay home and spend more time with my mom because she is very sick. Do this kind of online stuff rather than work. Do you think it's worth it? How about you, how much do you earn a month doing online stuff? Do you think it's practical? Thanks!
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@arkasen (748)
• India
4 May 09
I think working in a company is wise decision rather than working online. If you need to earn more than the amount you earn from the company you are working with then you have to give lots of labor and still you may not reach that amount. I think what you can do is to work with the company you are working with and in the fee time you try to earn some extra money from the internet. If you are able to make $1 every day on an average then you will earn $30 extra and its not at all a bad online earning. Belief me there are only a few people who make $1-2 every day. You need to have lots of referral to earn from online site and finding referral for your program is not an easy job. So I will suggest you not to quite your job. If you do quite job for making money online then you may regret on your decision later.
• Philippines
4 May 09
Well, that should do it. I guess I'll just stick to what I have right now. Thanks!
@venmarz13 (735)
• Indonesia
4 May 09
ehm its agreat amount in online earning.its good for you.i havent get that money before.can you suggest me to join it too?i really need money now.if you compare it with the salary that we can get.i dont have a word to say.because we hired by company because of our knowledge and if you think you have good it will be higher in salary of the company that in online earning
@ada547612 (203)
• China
4 May 09
I am a little dangerous, because so far I have not made the Internet a month I can pay the money to spend.