No Pressure?

May 4, 2009 8:35am CST
Lets face it, Newcastle United is gonna get relegated from the Barclays Premier League. They barely scored a goal from their past few matches and have very little time to make a comeback. They probably need a miracle to stay in the league after a thrashing by Liverpool. Thier manager, Alan Shearer who is the all-time premier league top goal scorer and former Newcastle United player, says he loves his club but does not know whether they will manage to stay in the League. What are your thoughts? Do you think Newcastle will keep their place in the league or face relegation?
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• Malaysia
6 May 09
Alan Shearer is not up to standard yet to be Newcastle's saviour from the management perspective. He's great as a player, but to be a great manager he still need to learn. Maybe half of the team will leave if Newcastle will drop to Championship next season, but maybe that's the best thing for Shearer as he able to start from scratch and slowly build his own team for seasons to come.
• Singapore
6 May 09
Yea, I agree with you. Shearer does not know how to manage properly since he just started out being a manager for a slightly short period of time, allowing him to lack in management skills.
@Boffle (124)
5 May 09
The only thing that can save them is Hull's dreadful form. If Hull drop into the relegation zone, there might be a miracle. But to be honest, I don't think Newcastle deserve to stay up: just look at their players who are a collection of has-beens (Owen, Viduka) and never will bes (almost everyone else). All the decent players have been sold, and others who are simply not Premier League quality have been brought in - often at a vast cost. The passion of Shearer and the supporters can't save them if they have to put out a team who are simply not up to it - and that's before we even mention Joey Barton's antics.