most disgusting thing your pet has ever done.

May 4, 2009 11:03am CST
The most scaringly disgusting thing happened to me liitle while ago. I was sitting in my chair playing killzone 2 when i smelled something so foul i started gaging. i searched every wher for the source of the smell but it just seemed to follow me. After giving both dogs a bath it still didnt go away so i reached in to my pocket to get my cell when i feel a cold wet slime on my forarm... It was a long thick paste from my dogs anaal glands (GAG). Most of you are proably pet owners saying "thats not so bad" or "what a baby" well if you can top that please post what happened.
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@jessi0887 (2794)
• United States
4 May 09
The most disgusting thing my dog has ever done and I wanted to throw the dog in the yard. Well tumble over a trash can and drag a dirty diaper out. Eat all the baby poo then leave the detroyed diaper for good oh me to clean up. I want to puke when this happens. We try to even put the trash can out of reach. So far it has been working but this dog can jump up like four feet high.
• Canada
4 May 09
Oh sick my old dog did that once or twice.
@yetigirl (76)
• Spain
14 May 09
the most disgusting thing our dog Bart has ever done was the evening before visiting the vet. He went alone for a walk and returned stinking like a pig and covered with dark naughty mud. He had gone to the swimmingpool cows use to drink and bath...and is full of their depositions!!! Two days ago we went on that walk again with the dog and came back to that pond, fortunately had very little water and had been cleaned recently... about what your dog did, have you checked if its gland were infected or overworking???
@opalina143 (1237)
• Morristown, New Jersey
6 May 09
Oh God, that is disgusting!! I can't believe that actually happened! My dog I had growing up never did anything like that but one day for no reason he just peed on the sofa. Before I could warn my dad, he sat in it. I thought it was funny at the time but I was only 10, and things like that seem funny when you are a little kid. I don't think that's as bad as what happened to you though.
• United States
5 May 09
One day my kitten had diarrhea - I found the kitten and my dog on my bathroom floow together, the dog was EATING the cat poo as it came out of the cat! Gross! But at least they didn't leave any mess that I would have to clean up!