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@Erilyn (3020)
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May 4, 2009 6:36pm CST
I know everyone has been trying to find ways to make more money in the current economy, and in my recent absence of being online, I come back to find that most of the sites that I was working on have closed. I saw a new site and contectedthe owner to get some info from him and it looks like it is going to do very well. After finding out some more information I have found that what the payouts are that it can be sustained. Its not a PTC site, it is a GPT site. It is more of a signup type of site. if you want to check it out it is www.aekdistributors.com if you notice I did not include a referral link, because I think this site is good enough that I am not trying to push for referrals. Check it out and see what you think if you want more info ask and I will give you the info if I can. I will be more than happy to ask for the info I don't know!
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5 May 09
I have a couple new sites on my blog(link in my profile) if you wanna check it out:) The recent one is the easiest..lol..and then read and theres sooo much more:) But ya, take a look and sign up fo whatever. Oh please message me if you sign up for anything so I can return the favor and sign up under you on some sites you know that Im not apart of yet:)
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