I can't have children - is it fate?

United States
May 5, 2009 12:42am CST
I always wondered why people don't adopt more children and have less of their own. I grew up with the whole anti-pet store mentality of "don't breed or buy when those in shelters die." Anyway, in my late teens I went to a regular doctor visit when they found a problem. In looking further they found that I probably can't have children. If you guys grew up with this kind of mentality and found you couldn't have children, would you take that as a sign that you should adopt a child instead of just never having children?
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• Philippines
6 May 09
Yes, don't force yourself if you can't bear a child. I have a close relative who can't conceive again after miscarriage. She adopted a baby girl and is very happy. She told me that whatever God gave us our blessings, that's it... If He didn't give you what you want, that means He has other good plans for you... so think of alternative way and be happy...don't worry.. =) let me know, if you need more advices, so I can give you more. Hope it helps. =)
@srganesh (6348)
• India
5 May 09
I think you can have a test tube baby.Science has developed well to boon people who can't conceive naturally.But it is up to you,if you go for adopting children.If you ask me,I will try all the possibilities of having my own child.Cheers!
• Finland
5 May 09
Well there is a point to sterility. That you should not pass your genes to the next generation. (what you read in to that is up to you). I suppose i would adopt if I where sterile (or my partner was). And i would adopt if the old fassoned didn´t seem to work. If to people can´t have children together there must be a point to it (I would view it geneticly). and should adopt also...