I can type 100 wpm!

May 5, 2009 5:08am CST
But what do I do? typing is the not only solution for a better future. Once can have advantages but typing is not gonna help you in all cases. as someone said “Beauty Passes, wisdom remains.” I think wisdom / creativity is more important.
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@yonkie (440)
• Philippines
17 May 09
That is good that you can type 100 words per minute. You have a faster fingers then. You can use that skill in companies which needs typist as a job qualification.
@faisai (1140)
• Hong Kong
17 May 09
I want to share a story first. My aunt who is at her 60s now, was a worker in factory making clothes. So she just do the boring work of sewing clothes everyday in her prime time and never she has been in a office during the time. And then, when making clothes is no longer a hit job here, she quits and kind of retired so as to take care of her children. Then, when her children all grow up, she went to hunt for job and guess what, she got a job in office. And what is the interesting thing? She got the job partly because she know English (yes, English is not her mother language), and also because she knows typing. She actually has learned how to type in her teens which she hasn't used for decades and then she got a job which requires her exact knowledge in typing. So, is it important? It depends. But knowing one thing that others don't gives you an advantage which you may not realize now.
• Philippines
6 May 09
Is this through listening or you are reading something that you type? It depends right? If you are typing what you are hearing, still you type so fast. You can make a cut in transcription industry because in that business, typing fast is one the asset.
@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
6 May 09
First of all good on you for typing so fast; it is a very useful skill to have in the job market. You are right that regardless of the position wisdom is vital but I would be very proud if I could type 100 words per minute; I certainly could not do it! As far as creativity goes, it depends on the type of work you want to do. I love being creative but I have been in jobs where it was not required at all and needless to say I left those employments for a situation where I could utilize my gifts.
@menulis (468)
• Indonesia
5 May 09
Do you mean 100 wpm is 100 words per minute? Wow, that is awesome.. I think i only can type 20 words in similar time.. I think you can get good job at office. We know that many companies need quick type writing.