chocolate ice cream at a minimum cost

Chocolate Ice Cream  - Ice Cream
@bumba1988 (1222)
May 5, 2009 6:37am CST
Every body likes ice creams and the name of chocolate ice cream itself is very tantalizing. Recently from the tips that appeared in a news papers I learnt a very economical tip of making chocolate ice cream at a very minimal cost. Here in India, the VANILLA ice cream cost Rs 50/ ( almost $ 1 ) per liter but the CHOCOLATE flavor costs Rs 85/- per liter. The tips advised that purchase some vanilla ice cream and just pour some Cadbury's Bourn Vita ( it is type of chocolate powder) . With that the ice cream tasted so well and that too at an additional cost of few extra cents only, very cheaper than than the ready made chocolate ice cream. Try it.
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