By outsourcing Jobs is U.S losing or gaining.

May 5, 2009 11:49am CST
Before starting my discussion i would like to clarify that i am from India and have been to U.S for once 3 months project. So coming to the topic "By outsourcing Jobs is U.S losing or gaining" I feel that U.S is now becoming a cry baby...the greedy people in U.S are Reason for the current world economic crisis and job loses and when they see hard working Indians who are now prospering they cry at them. Indian professional are well educated,qualified and deserve what they are now. India Produces at least 500,000 Engineers,100,000 Doctors per year .People work here very hard and treat the client as God. I my self work for 17 hours a day when ever needed or the client needs my service .So i even work late nights and if my salary is compared to my Hardworking counter part he is payed 5 times more than me. So why should the jobs not be outsourced .More over the jobs are not outsourced not recently but from past 15 years .If outsourcing creates job losses in U.S ,then why didn't this happen in last 15 years. Just because of the financial crisis now the jobs are lost and American's (including Mr.Obama) are getting frustrated and blaming it on Indian Outsourcing .I wish Obama to thing wise and see if actually by outsourcing Jobs is U.S losing or gaining? The main reason for this crisis are a few greedy Americans and not the countries to which jobs are outsourced.
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@cvrajan (356)
• India
5 May 09
Deepika,I too write from India and I am afraid I have to counter your point. Think for a while. In India, there is lot of complaint about Bangladeshis infiltrating into India and local people suffering on account of it. Why do local people suffer? Perhaps, Bangladeshis who are suffering from poverty are willing to work very hard in India at salary levels much lower than what Indians would get. Considering their level of poverty and suffering, what they get in India may be attractive. And to earn more, they perhaps would not mind working much harder. What will happen if their infiltration is allowed more and more? Will it not pose grave threat to the local employment and government?Now, regarding Indians migrating to USA, in a way, I am sorry to say rather harshly that they are similar to Bangladeshis inflitrating to India. Only difference is that the are going in the legal way. Why US is so attractive to Indians and why do Indians work so hard there?1) You can't get the same money in India. The exchange rate plays a big part. Agreed. US citizens are paid much more. But even if Indians are paid less, still what they get is a lot more than what they get in India. 2) Peer group comparison. When every person from the alternative house is seen working in USA, people start thinking that it is infra-dig to work in home country. 3) The hi-fi lifestyle. Yes. Many get hooked to the American lifestyle where a car is a bare minimum need. In India, a car is still considered a luxury. Businessmen will always be shrewd enough to get what is cheapest and the best. You consider yourself the best; but you are also available cheap to the American businessmen. Why blame them?When things are going fine and smooth, all these things will not be noticed. When the economy turns topsy turvy, whether the blame is on Americans or not, any country will first look into safeguarding their self interest first. There is nothing wrong in US acting in a way protective to their self-interests. If Indian Government does something similar in India to protect the Interest of Indian citizens first, will you, as an Indian, object to it?