Your role in the football filed!

May 5, 2009 9:35pm CST
which role do you play in the football filde? I like football very l'd like to play soccer in the school. In the most cases,i'm a andience. I'm just 1.70m with no speed,can i play the frowards in the school.
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• India
17 May 09
when playing with my friends i'm usually at the defender's end. but sometimes i get a little hyper. i get the ball, manage to dodge all the opposing team, get to the goalpost and then somehow i manage to miss the goal altogether. :D then have to bear a lecture from my friends telling me to pass the ball sometimes. do this. go running, cycling etc. you can develop speed that way. and if you don't then at least you will have managed to built up on your stamina. then you'll be able to show that your fit enough to play.
@gunagohan (3415)
• India
6 May 09
im a right winger and striker...i love is my ambition.. happy to respond...happy mylotting...