What anime genre do you like most?

@MyzDy19 (919)
May 5, 2009 10:15pm CST
Anime genre is broken down into demographic and thematic ordering. In Demographic: Shojo(ex:Fruits Basket) Shonen(ex:DBZ) Seinen(ex:OMG) Josei (ex:Gokusen) and Kodomo(ex: Hamtaro) and in Thematic(more defined): Bishojo(ex:MKR) Bishonen(ex:FY) Sentai(ex:Voltron) Mecha(ex:Gundam) Maho Shojo(ex:CCS) Maho Shonen(ex:FMA) Moe(ex:Sugar A little snow fairy) Expertise(ex:Yakitate Japan) Harem(ex:Love Hina) Reverse Harem(ex:Ouran HS) and etc. So what anime genre do you like most?
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• Malta
9 May 09
I like Shojo the most but don't get much time to watch any anime. I didn't know Hamtaro was under Komodo anime! Thanks for telling me and yesI can say I like that type too. I watched Mecha too some time ago, but I don't like it much. As for your discussion for Hentai: I did watch some of that and have mixe feelings about it. However some of them are really done well with a good story line (that is very important for me - obviously apart from the animation)
@gcorp09 (940)
• Singapore
6 May 09
Well, for me, I will say I read a variety of most of the above anime genres, except probably Bishonen, Sentai, Expertise & Hentai. To me, the thing that matter more is the storyline and character design of the anime series. It may belong to an anime genre I seldom read, but if it really catches my attention, I will watch it. However, I guess the anime genres I watch most often are shojo and reverse harem. Quite a number of the animes and mangas I like fall into these 2 categories.