Is there a competition/rivalry in your family and relatives?

@iskayz (5422)
May 6, 2009 4:50am CST
In my family I think there is. It’s between my dad and my uncle (his younger brother) and my brothers and sisters find it funny. You see, my uncle is now a successful man. Financially yes, undoubtedly he is cause’ he received a large sum of separation bonus when the company he works in decided to lay off some employees. But even before that he seems to always compete with my dad and money and maybe fame has noticeably changed his personality. He always brags about the things he has and every time my dad buys something new, he has to buy it too and would tell everyone in the family that it’s even more expensive than ours. Whatever we buy he has to get it too. Even when it comes to my dad’s works he has to announce to everyone that his project is bigger than my dad’s. It seems he tries to get even or surpass my dad in terms of work and finances. While my dad just keeps quiet and smiles. My dad didn’t even tell his other brothers that he bought a new car instead they just saw it. But when my uncle found out, he can’t help it but tell everyone even before buying it. He’s always like that. We thought that maybe he’s not competing and that’s just how my other siblings interprets it so we just kept it our little secret and make a big joke about it. But we had it confirmed that my uncle is competing when some of our cousins noticed it too. They said they have been noticing it for quite sometime now. We really find it funny that he has to act that way. We don’t know why and I think there is no reason at all to compete or brag about things with his brother or any member of the family. Sure he can buy whatever he wants but there’s no need to brag about how pricey the item is or for having this and that. Am I right? In your family does things like this happens too? How do you deal with it? How would you feel when a family member/relative is competing with your family? Why do you think competitions happens in families and relatives?
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6 May 09
There is a common misconception that money=happiness. It sounds like your Dad may not have as much money or as many 'nice' things as your uncle, but your Dad has found happiness. I would be willing to bet that your uncle isnt really happy. One of the ways he is looking for happiness is by trying to prove to himself that he is better than other people! My sister can be like that, in some ways. None of us really care very much about material things. But when it comes to a conversation, my sister always has to have the last word and she always has to be right! It can be something trivial like the best color of tulips. Or it can be something bigger. It often drives me crazy! I have learned to just smile at her and put my two cents in. Then I leave it alone. My husband thinks it is funny. He laughs about it all of the time! I think every family has their quirks in some way or another. It is part of human nature to compete against others. As long as these things remain harmless, joking about it is the best way to handle it!
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@iskayz (5422)
• Philippines
6 May 09
Hi! I agree with you that in dealing with such situation is to make a joke about it. It doesn't really harm anyone though it's a bit irritating but still harmless. And maybe you are right that my uncle isn't happy with his life now cause all he does is show off his pricey stuffs. Maybe he hasn't found satisfaction in life yet unlike my dad. He may be richer but my dad is more successful I think, with having a peaceful life. Keep posting!