which espect do you like most about mylot ?

@rocketsky (1014)
May 6, 2009 6:23am CST
when I have something unknown,i always like to share it with my friends here on mylot , when they help me solve the problom ,i learn something from them .I think this is why I like mylot .
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@nzalheart (2352)
• India
28 May 09
Hello rocketsky!!! Well the interesting thing about mylot is that, I am always killing two birds with a single stone here hehe(Don't figure me out to be a violent person lol...I am very loving person and I love birds hehe) As I said above, on the one hand I am spending time in the interesting way on mylot, discussing about various matters, increasing my skill to deal with various situation and on the other hand I am earning money. The thing I am doing is also for my benefit and for which I am also getting paid. Isn't it interesting about mylot? There are many other features that keep me dragging back to mylot again and again many times a day. Its interesting to make friends here in mylot, really. The discussions become interesting, whatever the topic would be if we started knowing each other more and more. That's why it is interesting to respond in the discussions started by the friends than other discussions. Happy mylotting...I hope you are enjoying a lot here in mylot....Good luck...
@fwangaa (3058)
• China
28 May 09
i want improve my english. and earn money in mylot. i want to find a site which can earn money. and i can find many friend in mylot. and many ones are very friendly.
• China
7 May 09
I rarely need speaking english in my work and life.But I don't want to give up this foreign language.I often study engling mylife,but little progress was made.When my friend told me mylot, where I can practice my english ,I was very happy.So I like mylot.