is money everything or does love count too ?

May 6, 2009 7:53am CST
this is a lot discussed topic . love or money ? what's more important ? thinking practically nothing can be done without money in this world . well money is required at the first and thye last counter of life . so is money important ? yes . well howmuch money you have you can buy everything not true love . if you have lot of love for others but you don't earn how can you show your love or what will you with love and no money ? another instance you become the next bill gates but you have noone lovable to share your success . then what ? well this topic is a lot confusing as you have to choose among the most wished things in the world . what's ur openion ? love or money or an optimum combination of both . well i wish for the third option =the optimum combination of both .
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@x_Jo_x (1042)
24 Jul 09
I think Love is everything, and money counts too. Money will only ever give you temperary happiness, not like love can give you. Sure you can buy what you want to make you happy, but sooner or later that thing will get boring, so you will have to buy something else and so on. If you have someone to love, and share that with then it will be 10 x better! So i think Love is definatly more important than money!