Will it be Mike or Ron in the final 3?

@CRSunrise (2964)
United States
May 6, 2009 12:33pm CST
I wouldn't mind seeing either of these two make it to the final 3. Although, I think Mike has a really good chance of winning the entire thing if he were to get chose. I'm thinking there's no beating Mike if he were to get into the final 3.
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• United States
13 May 09
I figured last week that it would be Ron that would not be in the final three. And I was really hoping that Mike was going to win the Biggest Loser last night. Actually, truth be told, as much as I wanted Mike to win, I had expected Tara to win. That was definitely a surprise for me that she didn't.
@uicbear (1903)
• United States
8 May 09
I am hoping that Mike makes it to the final three. I just think he's worked so hard that he deserves to get that recognition. As for the winner, I think, just based on the math of it, that Tara is going to win it all. I think she has lost a high percentage of weight, and that's what it's all based on, and with Mike only losing the 10 pounds over the month, it hurt his chances. We'll see though.
• United States
7 May 09
My guess is for Mike as well, I think since Ron had basically said at the end to vote for his son... that people will do that! Mike has a wonderful chance of winning if he makes it to the final 3.. He has done so well up to now, and I can not wait to see the final next week just to see all of them now!!
@rosekiss (30260)
• Eugene, Oregon
7 May 09
I am voting for Mike to be in the final 3. I just think that Ron can't really do it as he has knee problems. It is amazing he even finished the marathon. I am sure that Mike was worried about him the whole time. I know I would have been. He really shouldn't have tried it and Bob said the same thing. He just isn't healthy enough, but he looks much better than when he first started. I think Mike looks good too, as he has lost all the weight and he will be much healthier for it too. I have a feeling that Tara will win it. Whe seems so sure of herself and she has won a lot of challenges, so she just might. I sure don't want her to win, but hey if she does, all I can say is she would win fair and square.
@Reesers (1387)
• United States
6 May 09
I'm hoping people will vote for Mike. I still can't believe Ron made it all this way. He has Mike to thank for that. Mike has carried him through the majority of this competition and has had to work harder, just so his dad didn't go home. That's why I think he's more deserving of it than Ron is. I know it would be hard to beat Mike but I'm always rooting for Tara. She's one tough cookie. I like Helen as well. At this point, I'm just happy that I like the people in the finals. LOL