Ebay lack of planned policy for counterfeit products for sale

United States
May 6, 2009 3:41pm CST
Don't you think that ebay lacks of planned policy to deter those criminals to sell counterfeit, forgery products for sale there? Basicly, you can sell any stuffs in ebay. Whether it is real or not. It is more like a garage sale. There were many counterfeit stuffs were sale there, and the buyers has absolutely no protection whatsoever. For instance, a co - workers of mine bought a Nike sports shoe from ebay, but it was a fake. He can't get them return him the money, nor the product. I heard someone say that there was an online company, I forget the name of it. It acts more like Ebay. The only difference is that it has staffs to verify the merchant's product whether legit or not. Then sale them to the buyers. So buyers would know that they are getting the real product instead of fake. But this company would charge a little bit for the fees.
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