Does the number of strays running around bother you? Honestly....

@veromar (1457)
May 6, 2009 4:59pm CST
It breaks my heart. Seems like they're everywhere and the number is growing. Dogs mostly. I hate to see them. Some that have skin diseases, are obviously starving, have been injured whether by human or animal. I look at them and my heart aches. If I had the resources, I'd take them one by one to a vet. Get them checked out, fixed up, cleaned up, fed and bathed. I'd try to do something on a grander scale. However, I just don't have the resources. I do what I can. I feed them, give them water. I've even taken a few to the vet that obviously needed some attention. How can people be so heartless? What does it take for someone to take their pet, for whatever reason, and dump them on the street? I don't get it. I think what angers me most about the situation is that WE, the human race, did this to these poor creatures. WE domesticated them. Turned them into our protectors, companions, pets, members of our families. We took them from their natural environs and made them conform to our ways of life. Then we have the nerve to dump them on the street?!?! It's outrageous, pitiful and downright sad.
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@marcialoyd (1174)
• United States
9 May 09
Yes. This is very sad and it breaks my heart as well. i went to our local animal shelter to drop of some donations for the animals and I left their depressed. If I could have adopted everyone of them I would have. I came home and hugged up to my cocker spaniel and told her she didn't know how good she has it. and on a side note there is ALWAYS a choice other then dumping your animal. I remember when I was a young girl I had a big dog that jumped the fence quite often. It is against the law in our town for your dog to run loose. We didn't want to tie him up so my mother contacted the animal shelter and asked if they would take him in. I bawled my eyes out thinking they were going to euthanize my dog. There was a nice lady that sat me down and explained to me that my dog scooby was going to a good home. She asked me what kind of home I wanted Scooby to go to. and I told her some where where he has lots of room to run. she called me a few days later to tell me that she had found a new home for scooby with a rancher that had lots of land for him to run and play on. Never ever dump your animal! Adopt them out to someone who will care for them and show them lots of love!
@veromar (1457)
• Argentina
9 May 09
That's awesome that Scooby got a good home, and a ranch too! Lucky Scooby! It's such a difficult thing for a child to go through. I can't stand to go to a shelter. It breaks my heart. I also would take them all home, or to A home, if I could. So sad. I'm guessing that the number of drop-offs to shelters has more than tripled in recent months due to economic conditions. If someone feels the need to "get rid of" a pet, try "finding another home for it" instead. It's not impossible and just takes a little bit of time.