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@mistypq (673)
November 11, 2006 1:44pm CST
If you have dogs do you buy them christmas presents,I love to see my dogs open there pressies!!! My lads let them open some of theres allso. They get a full christmas dinner they love it, No they do not sit at the table to eat the dogs wont let them lol.Whats your oppinion??????
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@bigstret (485)
4 Feb 07
I dont have any dogs but i do have two cats who have a christmas stocking every year after they have had a little turkey.
@mistypq (673)
6 Feb 07
My dogs have a christmas dinner and they love opening their presents and all of ours to! They shred all the wrapping paper they are like over excited children!
@smkwan2007 (1038)
• Hong Kong
24 Feb 07
The only presents I can give them are just delicious foods. On special occasions in the year, I offer them big meals of foods brought from supermarket. My family just can't afford any present.
@Bizziebod (3526)
22 Feb 07
Oh bit late but I think it's great that people get gifts for their pooches at Christmas time! I don't personally get my cats anything (I don't have a dog) but my daughter usually buys her hamsters stockings and little prezzies like that! There's no harm in it whatsoever!
@brendalee (6086)
• United States
11 Dec 06
I have dogs and cats. They all get something for Christmas. For the dogs, we usually get some nice dog treats or maybe a new collar or chew toy. And for the cats, we get them maybe a catnip toy and some special canned food. My animals don't open their own
@srhelmer (6934)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
11 Dec 06
We have a cat and we always make sure to get him a present. He's part of the family and there's no reason why he shouldn't have one.