Made to break!

May 7, 2009 8:10am CST
I wonder why we're always thinking about relations and strengthening them knowing that nothing exists in this world forever. Every bit is subject to destruction then why we 're thinking like that. Whoever you love or loves you will not be loving or loved anymore. This game of loving or getting loved is till flesh stops throbbing. In my expereince whoever I loved most I hated him/her once and all these experiences told me to stop expecting and just live a simple life.
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@Maryam27 (412)
• Pakistan
8 May 09
Point to ponder Kaleem. made me speechless. We waste all our time, make efforts and do everything we can to keep someone close to us but we never realize that sooner or later we'll be on our own, that person will leave us someday. I don't hate anyone i have loved once but the thing is people don't remain that close to you always. Parents, siblings, friends...everyone goes on their separate paths one day. This reminds me of something like, "People come in our life for a reason and when it gets full filled they leave us like seasons". Hmm....i was a good reminder. Guess i needed to be reminded that now. So thanks Kaleem. Stay happy!
@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
8 May 09
There is that famous saying "If you love someone, let them go, if they come back, they're yours but if they don't, they were never yours in the first place" or something like that! It is a cliché I know but it seems to be true. We can't control another person's behaviour, we can only control ourselves so in my opinion, live your life and don't try too hard to hold on to another and feel secure in the knowledge that no matter what he or she does, if they stay or go, you will be able to handle it.
• United States
7 May 09
I used to like alot of insures about my relationships, but after my kids the insure is no longer an issue for me. Now I think if he wants to leave, go ahead you know where the car is, you know where the keys are be on your way. But also I think it has to do with how long you're with that person. The longer you're with that person, you know that both of you aren't going anywhere. I have been with my husband for 10 years and we've had our ups and down (of course) and I have let him go time and time again, and he has done the same. I have to stick with if it's meant to be he/she will always come back.