How many hours you used to study in your school days?

@cudamani (998)
May 7, 2009 11:31am CST
I used to study for about 3 hours a day during my school days. I used to spend more time for history and geography. I allotted small hours for science and normal time for English. How many hours you studied in your school days?
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@flowerday (322)
• Singapore
7 May 09
hihi... i can spend many many hours a day on studying..up to like 8 hours a day..but although i am facing the books, i am not really absorbing anything..therefore, usually i only end up spending one hour of quality time on studying, and the rest of the time is spent wasted... the time i spent on subjects is quite evenly spread out..
@mermaidivy (15415)
• United States
7 May 09
I study when quizzes, tests and exams are coming, I seldom study or revise after school. When I study for exams, I studied everyday for the exams, it was painful for sure especially for those subjects that I was not able to figure out.
• India
7 May 09
hiii friend happy to meet you days are the sweet memories for me..I loe those days..actually i have to go to school by bus daily..And then for me it takes evening 6pm..So i used to study in my school itself..There will be study hours in my school..Some times there will be more work at that time i used to spend more time for the completion of the work....Gud discussion dear friend..happy mylotting....have a nice day..
@ajzone (201)
• India
7 May 09
lol at skool all the subject was complusory to stdy ,,but at home i didnt use to stdy even at xam times..
@Iram786 (498)
7 May 09
during exams about 4 hours probably but on a normal school day it was usually an hour.