What to do & how to handle my problem???

United States
May 7, 2009 1:58pm CST
I love my daddy & I have always been a daddy's girl. My daddy married this woman who hates me & I mean this lady hates me & my girls. I have always been very close to my daddy until he married this lady. I call my daddy & when I talk to him on the phone I can here her fussing at my daddy in the background. I want to visit my daddy but this woman is so very rude & nasty. If I visit him it could start into a physical fight. I am not afraid to fight but I don't want to go to jail. I have never been to jail a day in my life but this woman brings me to such anger that I might hurt her if we fight. This is my problem & so I stay away from my daddy's home which he lived before he ever met her & it also belongs to my brothers. The only thing I can do is stay away but what do you think?? I truly miss my daddy & I want to visit him but again I stay away for I don't want to cause any trouble. This lady also hates my brothers, so it is not just me she hates. She also has been very nasty to my cousins when they visit my daddy as well & my uncle his brother she has been very nasty. I myself if it was me I would tell her if you don't like my family you stay in your room while they are visiting me.
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