Whats for dinner?

United States
May 7, 2009 4:37pm CST
So this is the everyday question at my house. I am not a great cook, but when I have the time I sit here on and look up new recipes to buy, (if I have all the ingredients in the house). I have 3 kids in the house that well, like all kids do, never seem to agree on anything. One kid doesn't eat... well pretty much anything, the other one likes her meat a little rare, and well the third one eats what she wants so she picks here and there. Anybody have any suggestions on whats for dinner? I need something different to cook.
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@marguicha (106070)
• Chile
10 May 09
For some reason, all kids in the world agree on one thing: pasta. There are thousand ways of making a nice pasta dish. One that my grandchildren love is pasta and pesto. I make pesto during the summer when basil is an easy buy and freeze it to last the year around. But as you are not in summer yet, how about a white sauce with lots of parmesan cheese? or with meatballs? or tomato and ground meat. Another thing my grandchildren have always loved is shepherds pie. I make it with little mashed potatoes so it´s juicier. And I always put raisins inside.
• United States
7 May 09
I have two sisters. Growing up, one would eat anything. The other ate hardly anything. I was somewhere in the middle. My mom must have made Kraft mac n cheese 5 nights a week just so the picky eater would eat something! Some favorites were always macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, and lasagna! Pasta seems to be a winner with everyone. You dont have to worry about how done the meat is or how tough it is, you can just eliminate it for the meal! If you can get them all to eat chicken, try making a basic baked chicken. For and easy side dish that will encourage them to eat their veggies, saute some onions, peppers, and mushrooms. Dump them into a casserole dish with some rice and enough chicken broth to cook the rice. Cover the dish and bake until the rice is done. (You can also add some garlic or worstershire sauce to add some more flavor.) If your kids dont like those vegetables, pick some they do like. Just cook them a little bit first to make them tender. Cut them into small pieces so that they mix in well with the rice. Good luck!