Which do you prefere fatty foods or healthy ones?

@demleo (27)
May 7, 2009 5:26pm CST
Here we are talking about foods!! Do you go to Mcdonalds twice every week just like me and still stick thin? Or are you one of those people who tend to put on a couple of pounds? Whichever the one are you into your healthy foods -e.g Vegetables or fruits? Lean meat or pork? Moreover do you like to snack out on KFC or Pizza hut? Is it bad too eat like this ?
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• Malaysia
8 May 09
My life is never extreme. I take everything in moderation. So I am not very obsessed with Mac Donalds even though I am a huge fan of this food. I like KFC, Pizzahut and so many other fast food, but I try to make going to the these fast food restaurants a special occasion. I only eat fast food when I go out to the shopping mall, and not everytime when we go out we'll dine out. I try to cook and eat first at home before we go out so that we would not be too tempted to go into the fast food. I can gain weight very easily so now I have to be careful about eating too much fatty food.
@aidenw (632)
• United States
7 May 09
fatty foods often taste better than healthy ones and they're cheaper too and that's why i tend to eat more fatty foods which i admit is not good.but i don't like mcdonalds though.i can't see myself eating there very often.kfc and pizza hut are better.unfortunately i tend to gain weight if i eat a lot so i have to watch it.and you should too actually,just because you're thin doesn't mean you won't have health problems later in life.i know a few thin people who have high cholesterol.
• United States
7 May 09
I dont know i like both but prefer more healthy because it wont get you fat