Are you generous to your co - workers?

United States
May 7, 2009 5:46pm CST
Are you a generous person? Have you ever bought some doughnuts for your co - workers, or breakfast for them? One of my co - workers always buy something for us on special occasion. Sometimes, he just bought breakfast for us because he was happy. He was one of the generous person I ever know.
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@pink_lady (361)
• Philippines
8 May 09
Hi Clorissa. I don't know if I am to be called that way - generous to my co-worker. Sometimes I did also that bringing breads for our breakfast, but my fellow co-employee bring the spread for the bread. I think it is a vice-versa thing in our office. When I travel via domestic or International tour, I always make it a point to bring them something or remembrance from the place I went to. Like last year, we went to Cebu in the Philippines, I bring them some food delicacies in the said place. And when I went also to Iloilo Philippines, I bring them biscuits and some key chains for each and everyone of them. And when we went to Taiwan for a tour, I have something for them also. I think it is something that you will remember, because they are your co-employees and you are with them on weekdays and they are the one that you always hang on to during your office hours. Also, sometimes every lunch I bring them bars of chocolates for our dessert. I think it is a nice way of seeing them happy and enjoy of what you have for them, every such little thing, they appreciate it most.
• United States
7 May 09
I have great co-workers. I work in an interesting job in that I work alone and only see my co workers when I am reliveing them or they me. We visit for a minute or two and then who ever is off work goes home. Becuase of this I do not get to know them very well but there is no fighting between us ever. (I have been there almost 3 years.) Ocasionaly I will buy donuts and on the holidays I will make cookis that store well and leave a note that they are from everyone. It is fun to do that for them, and they on ocasion will do the same.