The bux sites.

@manvik (940)
May 7, 2009 6:10pm CST
I am just confused what these bux sites are?All of them are PTC sites.Am I right. Whenever I surf in traffic exchange program I see a lot of bux sites.Like soldierbux,mybux,yourbux,thisbux and more. Have you tried these bux sites? These sites look scams to me. Few years back there were PTR(paid to read) sites like lionmail,tigermail,monkeymail,donkeymail,elephantmail,pandamail etc etc.But they disappeared very soon from the net.Now the bux trend is coming.
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@kvasis23 (32)
8 May 09
Almost all of them are scams or will become scams, it only mater of time when you will get scamed
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@stanlee81 (382)
• China
8 May 09
Yes,the bux trend is coming,and also the scam trend.Just be care of the various site.Do some research about the sites or the owners when you are going to join them.I belive you could get some from the right bux sites.Good luck and have a nice day!
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7 May 09
Some bux sites are not scams, like neobux which is a reliable bux site.