I married a Rock Star!

United States
May 7, 2009 9:55pm CST
I married a Rock Star. I always knew I would. I didn't know life would be like this though. It's good. It's better. It's NOT like TV or the movies make it out to be. Not for us anyway. I'm what you call a Band Widow. You know, the girl that is home alone because my rock star husband is gigging, or rehersing... or buying gear... or recording. But I love it! I wouldn't change anything about our life. It has slowed down a bit now with the kids, but our home is still loud. Amazing what kids of rock stars can sleep through! I want to hear your stories! Anyone out there married to a Roack Star like me? Oh, and don't ask me who my Rock Star is. He's mine. Let's just leave it at that. Rock stars are Daddies too and need some privacy. You understnd if you've found this discussion. :*) Thanks. Everyone else, enjoy our stories! Rock On!
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@bigott (619)
• India
8 May 09
well u just dont expect him to change and do whatever u like.Playin muzic is not like other things you do in your life its a kinda passion or u call it a desire which burns inside of you. I am sorry for you but you cant separte him from his muzic so better accept him the way he is ...that will be good for both of you..cheers
• United States
8 May 09
Oh I LOVE his music! I'm very proud of who he is and what he does. I hope my discussion didn't sound like a pity party. On the contrary. I am very supportive of his music, and I'm not a limelight "me" "me" kinda girl. Musicians are very unique. Not everyone gets to do this. We've become balanced for our family's needs. He's a great dad! Music is a Passion and a personal journey that he gets to share through his songs. Our kids are also musical and so we have music all the time here. I joke about one of our Guest bathrooms having more guitars than towels in it, but really... WHO doesn't think it's cool to see Les Pauls while showering or brushing your teeth? :*) I wouldn't change my Music Man. Nope. Never. Then he wouldn't be the man of MY dreams. He'd be someone else's dream come true. He's too amazing to let go of! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. "*)
@EvrWonder (3577)
• Canada
12 May 09
Nice Comment Bearballew. I just wanted to comment. I was not married to a rock star no but have had friends in the music scene. I know what you mean about the guitars. Not so much in the bathrooms though. How about you, do you play? Cheers.
• United States
15 May 09
Thanks for writing! I do play... but I don't. Does that make sense? He is the Music Man. I can play three different instruments and sing, but you know what... after meeting him and falling in love with him... my love for music moved from performance to encouragement. I tinker and teach the kids basics, but then he takes over. In fact, our oldest just learned how to run the recording gear in the studio in our home. So now he can record his own music! I think that's cool, and have no desire to compete or invade their time together. I will always love music... it jsut has changed to being more appreciative. Thanks for asking! BearBallew
@jheLaichie (4439)
• Philippines
12 Jun 09
i have a boyfriend once who really do good with his guitar. but unfortunately, we really didnt ended up us we. because of his other priorities and other girl stuffs that i heard from friends. well, im glad that you have a wonderful life aside from the loud noises. well, i love music so much and i even played a guitar and keyboard. and i am even in a choir. so thats it! congratulations my friend. thanks jhelai