have you had someone approach you in the supermarket?

May 8, 2009 1:17am CST
i was replyin' to another discussion when i briefly mentioned this incident that happened to me in the supermarket. so i decided to post it myself. :p i was in a supermarket once, along the shampoo aisle. i was tryin' to figure out which shampoo to buy. i don't stick to the same brand coz for some reason, my hair prefers variety or else it gets all dry and my scalp flaky. so anyhoos, along came this guy who came up to me and asked, which shampoo is good. i think i mumbled somethin like "i guess all are meant to be good." he stood next to me for a few more seconds before startin' a convo with me. like if i lived in the area, where i was from, what do i do. turns out he just moved into town and livin' with his brother at a house they had purchased some years back. it was then that i realised he didn't have hair coz he shaved his head so what the hell was he askin me bout shampoo! only then did i realise i was bein "picked up". never knew such things happened in real life coz normally you see them in the movies by the fruit aisle or the frozen food section. hehe but the guy turned out to be really nice and we exchanged numbers and even though he was interested in me, which became quite obvious later on, i didn't feel the same way. but he was good company for evenin' chats at the park near our houses. we're now friends still even though i've moved back to singapore. anyone encountered somethin' similar??
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