Peaceful Pet Trick

May 8, 2009 3:05am CST
Imagine spending your days napping in the sun and getting scratches without care in the world. Sounds like the sweet life, huh? Many animals are natural medidtators, so take a hint from your dor or cat (or a pal's) on how to unwind and let go of stress. According to a psychologist, not only does having a per lower your stress levels, but any animals teach you to live in the moment and find the Zen in little things like a warm bed or laying your head on someone's lap. Does this trick works for you?
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@oyenkai (4398)
• Philippines
15 May 09
That's a very good representation of zen. I never thought to compare it to the lifestyles of pets :) What's actually difficult about that is to stop worrying. When people are busy doing their jobs and busy worrying about the next tasks, the next meal, the next pay, then it's hard to just stop and give it all up and to be confident that everything will work out well. I do believe that pets lower my stress levels. Whenever I spend a few minutes with our pet cat and just focus on scratching his back, I feel better :) I think the passive acceptance of my attention is a good therapy :) Before bed, I try to meditate in order to fall asleep more easily. I simply lay flat, close my eyes and control my breathing. This helps especially when I've had a busy day and it's difficult to get my brain to just stop :) Thanks for the response on my discussion!