What can you do to old socks?

@mhethess (380)
May 8, 2009 3:51am CST
Now a day we cannot just throw anything. We need to do something out of it, for old socks we can make small or big pillows. First you have to cut it into smaller pieces then put it in a pillow bag. Another thing we can do with old socks is used them as balls, for small kids. How about you, do you have anything in your mind that you can do with old socks?
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@Boffle (124)
8 May 09
I use mine when I'm cleaning the house. Sometimes I use them as dusters. I just put my hand inside them and wipe them over the surfaces. At other times, I use them instead of a cloth, either dampened with water, or with cleaning fluid on them. If you do that, though, make sure before you start that the color of your socks isn't going to run all over your furniture :-)