What mean to be real woman or real man in your opinion?

@icesmile (7172)
May 8, 2009 7:58am CST
When somebody ask.."what kind of woman or man do you want in your life?" almost all answer..."I want a real woman/man." In your opinion what mean to be a real man? or a real woman? I think a real man is man who care about his woman, and kids,if they exist; a real man must to know to take good decisions, to love his family, don t lie, faithful, with a sense of honor , with clean soul and open mind. A real woman must to be faithful, loving, honest, carring with shes family, feminine, care about how she look like, don t talk to much, and a good mother. What do you think? Real man? Real woman?
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• India
8 May 09
Real man is a person who knows what he is doing. he is like a Hollywood actor in real life. He is good at heart and always try to protect his family and nation. he is intelligent, he is smart. he knows how to solve the problems and impress the girls. he takes decisions at the right time. I want to be one. I feel real women is one who knows how to sacrifice everything for her family. My mom sacrificed her teaching job as i was a kid then and i was alone at home. I find her a real women. i want a wife who has all her properties. a real women binds the family together. never leaves anyone out. she eats when her child is no more hungry. Nature made women a mother first and then anything else. so being a good mother dominates all of these properties told by me. are you a mother yet? how do you feel?
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@icesmile (7172)
• Romania
8 May 09
i am agree with what you say...but not with man who are as Hollywood actors. A man is a man, and a actor is just a job. A woman need a man not a actor. And belive me, a actor from Hollywood, is not perfect. A woman must to be woman first, and after she must to be wife, mother, lover, friend. Of course if she find right man who know to apreciate all this.