Summer fun.

United States
May 8, 2009 8:22am CST
I plan on taking my kids to Storyland this summer. I have never been there but looking at the website they have alot to offer. The crappy part is they want $25 per a person!! That is just insaine. I think my husband and I will manage some how and come up with the $125 to go. My friend and I are also thinking about going camping too this summer with the kids. There is so much that we would like to do, just dont know where to start. On top of that I'll have a newborn with us along with the 3 older children. Life is full of suprises I suppose. What are your plans for this summer? Hopefully something enjoyable.
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@dlr297 (5418)
• United States
10 May 09
I hope that you get to take your kids to story land. Their was a park called story land forest near where i grew up, and we went as a family a few times, and i have fond memories of the place. This summer i hope that we get some fishing in, and i hope that we get to take a few trips on the motorcycle, and do some camping.
@kawalnarang (1095)
• Trinidad And Tobago
8 May 09
Dear, I am so glad u got at least a beautiful program,, if I do get away it will be to New York ,, end of June,, just for 4 days,,
@tabsnlos (587)
• United States
8 May 09
Our plans for the summer is hopefully moving into our new home! =) And we like to go fishing, to the beach, universal or disney. My husband wants to go camping so bad, but I just don't know.... I'm not all into the tent thing and outdoor bugs, but most of all no toilet or shower! ugh...
@skbh12 (2950)
• Philippines
8 May 09
this summer i haven't been to any out of towns yet but i am planning to go out with friends on a beach overnight somewhere far from my place. hope it doesn't rain when we get there on those days. hahaha!