What type of pet is the best pet? Cat, dog, hamster, goldfish, horse and WHY?

@mommaj (22893)
United States
May 8, 2009 8:43am CST
What type of pet is the best pet to have. I have had all kinds of animals and the one I liked best was a dog because it was an inside animal that was trained to potty outside and the animal was just well behaved. I've had cats and you have to clean up after them. I've had dogs that were excitable and I wasn't very fond of them. Goldfish were easy to take care of but you had to clean the fishbowl which is a lot easier than a cat box. So what type of pet is the best pet to have?
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@kaz_man (293)
• Australia
8 May 09
Not really sure, I have a cat, dog, and 2 birds. I used to have 3 fishes, but the cat ate it i think.
@mommaj (22893)
• United States
8 May 09
ohhh, sorry to hear that. That's funny though. Since the birds are still alive maybe it was just an accident? Either that or the birds can just fly away. lol You might want to video tape them while you're not home.