Organic Agriculture

May 8, 2009 9:47pm CST
I am an agricultural workers, and work as government official. In my job area I find alot of worries about the use of chemist material in agriculture field, like chemist pesticide and chemist fertilizer. A long time ago The government want to increase the productivity of land, and then make a policy that farmer should use chemist material. And it prove this policy can increase the productivity of land, But nowaday, I find that farmer use the chemist material with wrong way. The use it with high concentrasion, it will change the ecological balance, it will kill nature predator as spider etc. This situation will cause the uncontrolled increase of pest and disease. At the other hand a high concentration of pesticide in agricultural product will harmfull for us to eat, because it contains danger material that will cause disease as cancer. In my opinion, it is the time for all of us to make organic agriculture, we can use organic material for fertilizer and pesticide.
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