ULCER, question for anyone who have had one or still suffering with it!

@succed (879)
United States
May 9, 2009 12:46am CST
I have this ULCER since 8 months ago. My Doctor prescribe me Protonix and it only helps during the 3 weeks course. After, symptoms came back. Went back to my Doc again and she put me on Aciphex for 2 weeks it did not help. So she refer me to GI Doc, this Doc prescribe me 2 different kinds of anti-biotic and Pepto Bismuth because of my stool reports that I have a positive infection of Helicobacter Pylori. Turns out my insurance will not pay for it. It is going to cost me $350.00 for the 2 weeks course. I dont have money for it. So I did a research alternative for eradicating H Pylori. I have found reports that 3 effective herbs. These are GINGER, LICORICE (DGL), TURMERIC. This scientist reports that getting a high dosage of each on this one on 10 days course will effectively get rid of H Pylori. So I started taking it 5 days ago. I felt so much better, I hope this will really helps my ULCER and the bug that is invaded my guts (sorry). Can anyone suggest what they did when they have an ULCER and H Pylori? Thanks for your help.
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